2G/4G smart Plug And Play Obd Tracker device G-M200

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    The G-M200 series is an automotive intelligent OBD terminal that complies with the OBDII/EOBD standard.

    Integrated 2G network communication module, high-precision GPS module or Beidou /GPS dual-mode module, high-performance three-axis gravity sensor and vehicle ECU computer communication module. Compatible with 9-36V wide voltage models, it can upload vehicle running status, vehicle condition data and driver control data to the vehicle network management platform through network module to realize positioning track query, vehicle data monitoring, vehicle physical examination and driving behavior statistics.

    Characteristic parameter



    Working voltage

    9-36V DC

    Average operating current


    Sleeping current


    Working temperature


    Storage temperature


    SIM card

    can be replaced

    GPS antenna


    GSM antenna


    Master chip


    Communication module



    Network standard

    2G or 4G(for 4G version)

    Chip model


    Support band



    Positioning module



    Chip model


    Positioning mode


    positioning accuracy


    GPS frequency range


    Cold start time


    Hot start time


    Receiving sensitivity


    Speed accuracy

    <0.1 m/s

    OBD module



    agreement type

    ISO-15765 500K ST

    ISO-15765 500K EX

    ISO-15765 250K ST

    ISO-15765 250K EX

    ISO-14230 FAST

    ISO-14230 SLOW




     basic functions

    Feature item


    2G network

    Supports quad-band 2G network. Modules in foreign countries can be replaced with corresponding frequency bands to adapt to local networks, compatible with mobile phone cards and IoT cards.


    Support GPS/Beidou dual mode

    OBD data

    Supports protocol data such as OBDII/EOBD

    Driving behavior

    According to the vehicle data and status, it is analyzed whether the driver has a bad driving behavior such as rapid acceleration, sudden deceleration, sharp turn, etc. during the trip.

     Optional features



    The alarm of pulling out

    Can be installed with battery support the alarm function of pulling out

    Detailed description of each function point

    It can be adapted to vehicles that meet the OBD standard of more than 90%.

    Communication Management Function


    After the vehicle is turned off for a while, it goes to sleep and reduces power consumption

    The network is disconnected and reconnected

    Network dropped calls can be automatically reconnected.

    letter of agreement

    Data information and platform interaction using TCP protocol

    parameter settings

    The IP address, port number, and APN settings are directly made to the terminal through the platform, and password protection is provided.


    Positioning data

    Includes latitude and longitude, time, satellite number, speed, direction, ACC status, battery voltage, OBD speed.

    Base station positioning function

    Contains network base station LAC and CellID information, carrier code.

    Intelligent track

    The terminal automatically judges the trajectory route, realizes the intelligent reporting of the GPS point, and realizes the trajectory butterfly shape effect.

    Report by time interval

    The monitoring platform sets the manner and frequency parameters of the transmitting terminal to return the positioning information.

    Reminder alarm function

    Ignition reminder

    The vehicle ignition reports the ignition alarm, including the alarm time and GPS information.

    Flameout reminder

    The vehicle is turned off and the fire alarm is reported, including the alarm time and GPS information.

    Vehicle low voltage alarm

    The vehicle voltage is lower than the settable voltage threshold, and the low voltage alarm is reported, including the alarm time and GPS information.

    Idle speed alarm

    The vehicle idling time exceeds the settable time threshold, and the idling time is too long, including the alarm time and GPS information.

    Water temperature alarm

    For vehicles that support OBD water temperature data, the water temperature exceeds the settable temperature threshold, and the water temperature alarm is reported, including the alarm time, GPS information, and the current water temperature value.

    Speed alarm

    The vehicle travel speed exceeds the settable speed threshold, and the over speed alarm is reported, including the alarm time and GPS information.

    Collision alarm

    During the running of the vehicle, the acceleration is greater than the settable threshold. After the front and rear speed filtering, it is defined as a serious collision scene, and the collision alarm is reported, including the collision time, GPS information, and collision acceleration.

    Trailer alarm

    The vehicle is towed and reported to the trailer for warning, including trailer time and GPS information.

    Fatigue driving reminder

    The vehicle travels for too long and automatically recognizes the fatigue driving reminder.

    Device insertion alarm

    The terminal device is inserted and the alarm is reported.

    Device pull-out alarm (optional)

    The terminal device is pulled out, and the alarm is reported and pulled out (when the backup power is available).

    Long positioning time

    In the case of vehicle ignition, the positioning time exceeds the set time threshold, and the alarm time is too long, including the alarm time and GPS information.

    Driving behavior

    Driving behavior

    Including driving cycle start terminal time, driving cycle total mileage, average speed, maximum speed, overspeed duration, overspeed times, idle duration, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turn information.

    Driving behavior event

    During the running of the vehicle, sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration, and sharp turn events are generated, and the incident is reported separately.

    OBD data function

    Vehicle data flow

    The vehicle's critical data stream is typically reported every 30 seconds.

    The number of specific data items varies slightly depending on the vehicle data support.

    Reading vehicle failure

    The terminal identifies the vehicle fault information, and reports the platform when the vehicle fault state changes.

    Clear vehicle breakdown

    Clear the vehicle fault by issuing instructions from the platform.

    Remote control management function

    Remote upgrade

    The terminal software can be remotely upgraded through the mobile network and upgraded through the FTP server.

    Remote restart

    The device is restarted by sending a command in the data channel mode.

    Remote query

    The platform remotely queries terminal information, vehicle type, GPRS communication parameters, heartbeat parameters, GPS/CAN return parameters, SIM card information, GPS information, CAN data stream, and current faults through the mobile network.

    Various alarm parameters, rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration sharp turn parameters.

    Remote setting

    The platform remotely sets terminal information, vehicle type, GPRS communication parameters, heartbeat parameters, GPS/CAN return parameters, clear vehicle faults, control restart, factory reset, clear blind zone data, various alarm parameters, and rapid acceleration and deceleration through the mobile network. Sharp turn parameters.

    Version report

    The version information is reported every time ACC ON.

    The platform checks the car version information by instruction.

    SIM card information reporting

    Each time ACC ON reports information such as the IMEI number of the SIM card.

    The platform checks information such as the IMEI number of the SIM card through instructions.

    Module self-test

    Terminal status self-test: Check whether each function module (positioning module, bus module, FLASH, 3D module) works normally and alarms occur when a fault occurs (not related to wireless communication)

     OBD common data items

    Battery voltage

    Intake manifold pressure

    Accelerator pedal position

    Total mileage category

    Fault light status

    Engine running time

    total mileage

    Number of fault codes

    Fault mileage

    Total fuel consumption

    Coolant temperature

    Remaining oil

    Engine speed

    Vehicle ambient temperature

    Engine load

    Vehicle speed

    Fuel pressure

    Long-term fuel correction (group 1)

    Air flow

    Atmospheric pressure

    Ignition advance angle

    Intake air temperature

    Throttle position

    Total vehicle running time

    The information of various models is different, and the number of supported data items is also different, which is subject to the actual support of the vehicle.

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