Cold chain transportation monitoring

Cold Chain Logistics – IoT enabled. Business Optimized


This project addresses the fragmentation of M2M silos created in typical supply chains. Cold chain management includes all the means to ensure constant temperature for a product that is not heat stable from farm/manufactured until the time it is used. Sensors from various manufactures are placed along the chain including inside transportation trucks and cold storage facilities. Nokia IMPACT manages the sensors, collects data and enables fleet managers end-to-end visibility of their goods. GPS monitoring system edge gateway collects, analyzes and reports sensor anomalies from all the various sensors along the way.


The container satellite positioning information collection terminal (model LTS-J10Y) is a GPS positioning terminal with Temperature and humidity sensor.Specially designed for container positioning monitoring. The LTS-J10Y uses a high-performance military battery that wakes up every 24 hours and sends positioning information, then returns to deep sleep mode for up to ten years. Through the GSM/GPRS communication technology, LBS base station positioning and GPS positioning technology, combined with the flexible configuration of the multi-mode of the location service monitoring and management system, the container can be monitored and tracked. Mobile assets can be queried and tracked through IE browser, Android mobile APP, Apple IOS mobile APP.

Maintaining the integrity of your shipment at every point of shipping/distribution is of utmost importance. Cold chain logistics solutions can be used to preserve and to extend the shelf life of products, e.g. bio-pharmaceutical supplies, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, specimens, agricultural produce, seafood, photographic films, etc.

We can provide a temperature-controlled supply chain solution which uses an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics, to maintain the desired low temperature range of your shipments.


Transportation efficiency
Lower operating costs
Increase operating efficiency
Improved safety
Real-time inventory control
Improve/Maintain quality of goods