Container monitoring


Container transportation

Container transportation is a complicated transportation system, it transports by sea, by railway, by road; it  transports at home and abroad, it also includes dry container and reefer container transportation.

Container Status Monitoring & Shipping Security of Container Goods Monitoring & Management Solution:


Product Introduction  

Long standby container tracker

The container satellite positioning information collection terminal (model LTS-J10Y) is a GPS positioning terminal specially designed for container positioning monitoring. The LTS-J10Y uses a high-performance military battery that wakes up every 24 hours and sends positioning information, then returns to deep sleep mode for up to ten years.The device can also be equiped with temperature and humidity sensor, monite every state of container. Through the GSM/GPRS communication technology, LBS base station positioning and GPS positioning technology, combined with the flexible configuration of the multi-mode of the location service monitoring and management system, the container can be monitored and tracked. Mobile assets can be queried and tracked through IE browser, Android mobile APP, Apple IOS mobile APP.

GPS container Padlock

Intelligent logistics lock is a set of RFID, GPS/, Beidou RF technology and intelligent electronic lock as a whole, with satellite positioning technology, wireless transmission technology, BSL positioning, design a highly integrated intelligent electronic lock. Intelligent lock has only designated locations, designated ID can unlock, illegal unlock, alarm and can be achieved, and can achieve remote lock function
The lock is mainly used for intelligent logistics logistics, can further strengthen the logistics monitoring system, especially strengthen the car (including the box type trucks, container transport) in transit transit supervision, the use of high technology content of intelligent electronic lock. Instead of simple sealing, combined with bayonet equipment, tally report, release information, surveillance and monitoring equipment, the implementation of the whole process of transportation (in transit), state monitoring, supervision of the door. Intelligent logistics system, and through the lock GPS gateway system linkage, read the collected lock information in the monitoring system, can be found, security, timely reporting and prevention during the transportation of the goods stolen, steal unloading situation, with the management personnel, to play the role of logistics safety supervision.