Electronic Padlock

GLL-150 smartlock introduction

Hardware features  
Hardware architecture Use STM32
Communication module GPRS、WCDMA
Technical specifications  
Operating Voltage 3.6 V/DC
Average operating current 170
spare battery 15000mAh continue working 7 days
Dimensions 335(with beam)mm*102mm*35mm
Host weight 1 KG
Environmental characteristics  
Automotive EDM Interference Immunity Discharge voltage of 1kV ~ 2kV, discharge frequency of 20 times / s ~ 200 times / s
Fast Transient Burst Impedance 4KV, experimental grade IV
Electrostatic discharge immunity Contact discharge 6KV, air discharge 8KV, experimental grade Ⅲ
Conducted harassment limits Meet the requirements of Class B
Radiation disturbance limits Meet the requirements of Class B
Temperature characteristics Operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ +75 ℃
humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
GPS performance  
Sensitivity -159dBm
Positioning time Cold start less than 34 seconds; hot start less than 3.5 seconds; warm start less than 33 seconds, re-capture time 1.0 seconds
positioning accuracy 10m
Speed accuracy 0.1m/s
GSM / GPRS performance  
frequency 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
Transmit power Class 4 (2W @ 850/ 900 MHz)Class 1(1W @ 1800/1900MHz)
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
data storage  
Blind sector cache Cache 2000 (point) location information

Industry standards promulgated

With the development of IoT , first mandatory postal industry standard, the standard for the safety production equipment allocation of the postal service , require GPS position ,GPRS ordering, real-time online monitorig,long distance lock and unlock,NFC ,FRID read the message and open the lock.



GPS tracker lock GLL-150 especially for mobile vehicle ,cargo networking industry, such as postal, courier, logistics industry, safety supervision and asset management.
More detail in introduction book.

GPS tracker lock solve problem of the transportation party ,enterprise & customer

A Good lock can solve following 

1. How to ensure the safety of goods carried in transit? —— GPS tracker lock

2. How do you regulate the management of non or normal opening and closing? ——GPS tracker lock

3. Anti-theft real-time monitoring when station condition ——GPS tracker lock

4. how to solve return empty or half of excess capacity ? ——GPS tracker lock