How to chose a good quality gps tracker?

How to chose a good quality gps tracker?

According to several points, 1. product use experience; 2. product installation experience; 3. mobile APP experience; 4. computer platform experience. The first is the product experience. When you get something new, the first thing is to slap its shape and use. For GPS devices, it is to see how to install the card, how to judge whether the device is normal, signal lights, etc. Some products have clear instructions on the device, users can easily know what state the device is currently, is not normal.

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First of all, the signal must be stable

Second, full-featured, such as collision alarms, rollover alarms, etc.

Third, easy to use, is to download the app or you can view it on WeChat

Fourth, the system is perfect and easy to manage. This article is for enterprise users.

Fifth, small size and high privacy

Sixth, is there a visit detection function?