Can the car GPS locator still operate normally in bad weather?

The car GPS positioner can not operate normally in low temperature environment.
In fact, in large-scale, high-intensity snowfall, passenger routes such as railways, highways, and civil aviation will be affected differently in some areas, and some areas will be seriously blocked. Even Guangdong will be affected. In the winter, the cold wave hit the rain, and the weather was very bad. Some users who use a car GPS locator will be concerned about the normal operation of the device in this low temperature environment. Then does this situation not exist? Will it affect the impact?



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As a member of the electronics family, the car GPS positioning device is used in a temperature that is not much different from other electronic products. The applicable temperature is -20-70°. In this temperature range, it can be used in more complex and harsh environments. Of course, the best working temperature of the car GPS locator is best at around 15-35 degrees. Wired equipment is installed in the car, if there is heating in the car, then the equipment under the interior board can be a little bit temperature, so the temperature is too low to work properly. For wireless products, if it is installed outside the car, it is too bad weather, and the effect is really not ideal. There is a certain difference between car navigation and car navigation.
GPS navigation requires a terminal, which can be a navigator, a GPS mobile phone, a GPS integrated machine, a PDA+ module, a notebook+module, and the like. These terminals can be navigated after downloading the map software, and the use is free.



Car GPS locator, GPS locator, GPS positioning device,

The vehicle GPS locator, on the basis of the navigation terminal, increases the positioning communication module, the microcomputer, the programming, etc., realizes the GPS positioning communication function, the cost is twice that of the navigation terminal, and the terminal position can be sent to the designated terminal, such as the operation center. Some platforms generally require an annual service fee when they are used. The positioning platform of Hezhi Sitron GPS is completely free and does not require any service fees. The mobile phone is mostly used for GPS navigation terminals, and there is no need to pay any fees. Even if the mobile phone card is not used, the navigation function is still used.

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