Can the car locator use like this?Something you don’t know about the gps locator?

We have said that many cars need to install a GPS locator, so what is the significance of doing this?
As the name implies, the vehicle locator is installed in the interior of the car to achieve the effect of positioning the car.

The vehicle locator has a wide range of applications and has been widely used in commercial transportation, logistics and distribution, enterprise fleet, car rental, intelligent transportation, engineering machinery, ship shipping, emergency command, rescue and rescue, military and police safety supervision, and smart city.

A car locator has only the most basic positioning function to meet the needs of customers. The gps locator company with technical strength will often expand the rich functions. The Locator supports the following features

GPS precise positioning, support A-GPS, GPRS timed upload, the platform can track the vehicle in real time, and can play back the historical track

Browser, smartphone client multi-platform query and SMS query

Built-in battery, can cut wire alarm, low power alarm

Built-in acceleration sensor to support alarms such as vibration, collision, and drop

ACC ignition signal detection, vehicle status prompt

External relay can be used to remotely cut off oil/electricity and control vehicles

External SOS button for emergency call

External microphone for remote voice monitoring

Support multiple protocols, GPRS remote upgrade firmware

Application of the vehicle positioner TK116 in commercial scenarios:

TK116 vehicle positioning and tracking products can realize real-time remote control of vehicles through a powerful service platform with GPS satellite positioning system, GPRS communication and the Internet.

Process monitoring and control. Help customers achieve transparent management, reduce costs, ensure safety, and improve efficiency.

The above functions may be slightly more professional in the eyes of ordinary people. Can the car locator be used in daily life?

With the development of technology, technology products are naturally serving humans. Vehicle locators can be used not only in enterprise vehicle management, but also in your personal car. What is the specific application scenario of the car locator in daily life?

1. Caring for family members and avoiding drunk driving

As a family of work, there are always entertainments, and sometimes it is inevitable to drink alcohol. At this time, hidden dangers arise. Some people have luck and often drink and drive. This is something that cannot be tolerated. Come in handy, you can remotely power off the car, avoiding family drunk driving

2. Husband does not return home at night, where to drive

When this happens, you can lock the position of the vehicle through a proprietary positioning platform, and keep track of the whereabouts of the vehicle. When you find that the vehicle often goes in and out of the playground, you can immediately call the police and urge you to go home immediately.

Post time: Aug-19-2019