Manitoba government scrapping GPS ankle-bracelet tracking program for convicts

“It works. It really is abominable that the government is taking this step backwards,” Prober said. “It’s a mistake.”

Prober said electronic monitoring has proven successful across many different provinces and in the United States. He said not only is it an important tool for the justice system to have but one that helps ensure the public’s safety.

“It not only protects the victim, it protects members of the public and gives a measure of comfort to the court and the judge imposing the sentence,” Prober said. “Ask the victim, or the alleged victim, how safe they feel now. I think they are looking at it from the wrong perspective.”

At the peak of its usage, the government said 14 people were being monitored on the program. This includes high risk car thieves, violent domestic offenders and parolees.

Post time: Jun-13-2019