Private cars management solution

Demand analysis

In recent years, with the development and progress of economy, the improvement of people’s living standards, the team of private cars is more and more stronger. Some theft is, however, also let private owners are increasingly worried about the safety of your car. How can you know the location of the car anytime and anywhere, the security situation, become the private owners.

Dragon Bridge technology combined with GPS, wireless communication technology, computer network technology, GIS geographical information technology as a whole, made into safety management system, private cars get private owners real-time vehicle, driving conditions, history, and the location of the data by illegal mobile vehicle received alarm information.
System composition

The system characteristics

1 positioning tracking

Real-time positioning.

Record parameters include: speed, location, driving directions, alarm state.
2 line management and trajectory playback

Line playback: can adjust the playback speed, suspend operation, etc.

Used to check the car driving circuit.
3 area alarm

Electronic fence: can set up a platform for electronic map the designated area.

Alarm: a vehicle out of the electronic fence area to monitor computer alarm, so as to achieve the key monitoring.
4 remote control

Power control: platform can be directly to terminal power vehicles issued instructions.

Oil cut-off control: platform can be directly to terminal oil cut-off instructions distributed vehicles.

Petrol-electric recovery: platform can be directly under instructions to restore gas-electric vehicles.
5 vehicle management

Information management: the platform can unite to end the vehicle modification of information management.
6 vibration alarm

Car is illegal move or steal vibrations from the police.
7 route correction

Platform can draw the vehicle driving route, causing alarm when vehicle movement away from the line.

Post time: Oct-30-2019