Yuwei Group and Roadragon reached a market strategic cooperation agreement

Roadragon and Yuwei Information Technology will establish a strategic partnership on October 14, 2022. Roadragon Technology will be fully responsible for Yuwei Group’s product marketing and product marketing in overseas markets, as well as developing agents and establishing market order and scale.

The brand model promotion model is a dual-brand operation.Yuwei as the front-end leader of the former market in China, it serves a number of listed companies and automobile groups, including Henan Yutong and Dongfeng Automobile. And passed CMMI benchmark Appraisal.
Youwei Information has always adhered to the highest corporate quality standards in the industry and adopted the most advanced and mature industry technology. The reputation of the quality of the promising information industry has been gradually established over the past ten years, after thousands of inspections by government management departments at all levels, automobile manufacturers, operators, military and car owners, and millions of uses

Roadragon and Yuwei has cooperated in the development of standards for the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam, the Ministry of Transport of Chile, and the Ministry of Transportation of Iran.

In the future, the two sides will go further to provide more convenience and support for customers in overseas markets.



Post time: Dec-14-2022