OBD solution for automobile exhaust emission monitoring G-M402

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The G-M402 series is a super version of the automotive T-BOX intelligent terminal. Compatible with passenger cars, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles, and other OBD terminal functions. The functions of the equipment can be expanded according to the requirements, including 4G/3G/2G network module, WIFI module, support Beidou/GPS dual-mode, six-axis gyroscope, two CAN communication, support four input and four output channels, TF card, Bluetooth 4.0, voice horn broadcast, SOS alarm, RS485...

  • Min.Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 30000 Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen, China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    The policy stipulates that if a vehicle is detected to have excessive exhaust emissions, in addition to being punished by the traffic police, the vehicle must also be repaired and managed in time.
    OBD will detect exhaust emissions throughout the entire process, using particulate matter sensors, nitrogen-oxygen sensors, and differential pressure sensors to detect excessive exhaust emissions, and upload them to the platform terminal system in real-time.
    Accurately and quantitatively evaluate the impact of each vehicle on the environment. Vehicle dynamic energy consumption and exhaust emission profiles and maps realize intelligent detection and dynamic control of vehicle-road section-road network energy consumption and exhaust emission and form application demonstrations.

    Exhaust gas monitoring7
    Exhaust gas monitoring2
    Exhaust gas monitoring3
    Exhaust gas monitoring4
    Exhaust gas monitoring5
    Main interface

    Main Function

    Real-time function


    In case of emergency, the user can press this button to connect to the call center with the highest priority.


    Manual seats will capture important data from customers and vehicles and help drivers get out of danger


    If the vehicle fails, press this button to send a road rescue signal to the IOT back office service center.

    Internet access Get a series of help, such as trailers, under the coordination of the call center.
    remote control Press this button to connect to the manual agent in the call center. This product uploads the current location to the background server.

    Communication management function

    Sleep The vehicle goes to sleep after 5 minutes of flame out.
    2G/3G/4G dropped again GPRS dropped calls can be automatically reconnected.
    letter of agreement Data information and platform interaction using TCP protocol
    Alternate IP Reserve 2 spare IPs, a total of 3 IP gateway addresses and ports, and the gateway is automatically switched to the standby IP.
    parameter settings The terminal directly performs IP address, port number, and APN setting on the terminal, and has password protection;


    Positioning data Including latitude and longitude, time, satellite number, speed, direction, ACC status, battery voltage, OBD speed
    Base station positioning function Contains LBS base station LAC and Cell ID information, carrier code.
    Intelligent track The terminal automatically judges the trajectory route, realizes the intelligent reporting of the GPS point, and realizes the trajectory butterfly shape effect.
    Query vehicle location Real-time query of the current location of the vehicle
    Report by time interval The monitoring platform sets the manner and frequency parameter of the transmitting terminal to return the positioning information.

    Reminder alarm function

    Ignition reminder The vehicle ignition reports an ignition alarm, including alarm time and GPS information.
    Flame out reminder The vehicle is turned off and the fire alarm is reported, including the alarm time and GPS information.
    Vehicle low voltage alarm The vehicle voltage is lower than the settable voltage threshold, and the low voltage alarm is reported, including the alarm time and GPS information.
    Idle too long alarm The vehicle idle time exceeds the settable time threshold, and the idle time alarm is reported, and the alarm time GPS information is reported.
    Water temperature alarm For vehicles that support OBD water temperature data, the water temperature exceeds the settable temperature threshold.
    Speed alarm Report the water temperature alarm, including the alarm time, GPS information, and the water temperature value at that time.
    Collision alarm The vehicle travel speed exceeds the settable speed threshold, and the over speed alarm is reported, including the alarm time and GPS information.
    Trailer alarm During the running of the vehicle, the acceleration is greater than the settable threshold, and the front and rear speeds are filtered.
    Fatigue driving reminder Defined as a severe collision scenario, reporting collision alarms, including collision time, GPS information, collision acceleration
    Device insertion alarm The vehicle is towed and reported to the trailer for warning, including trailer time and GPS information.
    Device pulls out the alarm The vehicle travels for too long, and the automatic identification reports the fatigue driving reminder
    Long positioning time Terminal device insertion, reporting insertion alarm
    Airbag burst alarm Airbag burst alarm, including alarm information, GPS position, etc.
    Radar collision warning In the case of vehicle ignition, the positioning time exceeds the settable time threshold.

    Driving behavior

    Driving behavior Including driving cycle start terminal time, driving cycle total mileage, average speed, maximum speed, over speed duration,

    The number of over speed, idle time, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and sharp turn information.

    Car bus function

    Vehicle data flow Report critical vehicle data flow every 30S, including total mileage, total fuel consumption, speed, vehicle speed, water temperature, battery voltage,
    Reading vehicle failure Intake air temperature, ambient temperature, intake pressure, meter mileage, brake pad wear, tire pressure data, oil level,
    Clear vehicle breakdown The specific data of the vehicle data status such as the gears, windows and doors, belt lights, etc. are supported according to the vehicle data.
    Bus control The terminal identifies the vehicle fault information, and reports the platform when the vehicle fault state changes.

    Remote management function

    Remote upgrade The terminal software can be remotely upgraded through the GPRS network and upgraded through the FTP server.
    Remote restart Restart the device by issuing an instruction in the data channel mode;
    Remote query The platform remotely queries terminal information, vehicle type, GPRS communication parameters, heartbeat parameters, GPS/CAN return parameters, SIM card information, GPS information, CAN data stream, current fault various alarm parameters, and rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration sharp turn parameters through GPRS. .
    Remote setting The platform remotely sets terminal information, vehicle type, GPRS communication parameters, heartbeat parameters, GPS/CAN return parameters, clear vehicle faults, control restart, factory reset, clear blind zone data, various alarm parameters, and rapid acceleration and deceleration through GPRS. Turning parameters.
    Version report The version information is reported every time ACC ON. The platform checks the car version information by instruction.
    SIM card information reporting Each time ACC ON reports information such as the IMEI number of the SIM card.
    Module self-test The platform checks information such as the IMEI number of the SIM card through instructions.


    Bluetooth connection control Controlling the vehicle to open the door, lock the car, blast, etc. after connecting through the Bluetooth vehicle.

    Back up battery

    Backup battery tracking and alarm After the terminal is pulled out, the internal battery is powered, and the alarm and track position information is reported. (optional)




    Externally provided 485 and 232 can be connected to cameras, temperature sensors, card readers, oil sensors, tire pressure and other peripherals
    SOS button SOS emergency button alarm, press SOS for 3 seconds, emergency alarm to the platform

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