Fleet management solution

Bus Solution
4G/3G GPS tachograph & MDVR


Main features

Build-in TTS voice report text module.

Patent design for SD card protection to ensure the safety of image stored.


Main features

Adopt 3G wireless transmission to achieve real time monitor the moving target.

  Integration structure design, vehicle “single DIN” industrial standard size fit to install.


Main features

All in one industrial structure design, vehicle “single DIN” industrial standard dimension fit the installation of vehicle panel.

Device Introduction

Based digitization image compression storage and 3G wireless transmission technology, combined GPS tracking/monitoring, vehicle driving recorder, SD card high capacity storage, Driver IC card ID recognition, multiple data interface, voice calls and other features. Based vehicle’s standard embedded type structure to design, make it is easy to install. Meet the requirements of national standard GB-T 19056-2003/ Guangdong DB44/T578 standard.


Attention for below warning for first installation:
1) The installation and maintenance show be taken by the professional trained staff.
2) This product can not be installed on a vehicle at long term erosion by rain or other liquids.
3) Can not Flushing the device when clean the vehicle.
4) Keep the terminal device from the heat source, dust and high magnetic field.
5) Not insort your fingers or foreign objects into the gap from the device when the device is running.
6) The power of the device can not connect to any other not recommended device.
7) Do not open or dismantle the device when there is no professional worker.
8) Please don’t The driver do not operate the tachograph when driving.
9) This product is a satellite positioning and data communication terminal, 

go to the local telecom operators apply for a SIM card. And call display and GPRS data services (using GPRS data transmission user must open and determine the APN, access user name and access password);
10) Make sure all equipment and cables connected correctly before connecting to the mains. Never in the case of electricity on the host installation or removal. If there are missing lines or erroneous connection, disconnect the power, otherwise easily damage the equipment.
11) The equipment for wireless communications equipment, and hazardous materials into the depot premises before power off the host.
12) The working current of this device is 9-36V/DC, please use under this arrange.
13) In order to avoid electromagnetic interference or configuration is not compatible, you may notice affixed to the place required to stop using the device.