Taxi driving recorder intelligent screen scheduling fleet management T4

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4G T4 Technique details T4 Main device Sample unit price: 229 USD with platform service 1. Support 4G network-wide communication, remote video extraction and viewing 2. Support TF card storage 3. Beidou/GPS positioning monitoring 4. Support 4-channel analog HD video capture 5. Support a variety of alarm types 6. Built-in active safety algorithm (ADAS, DSM camera) 7. Android system, support third-party application integration 8. Comply with Ministry standard JT/T 905-2014 standard Contact...

  • Min.Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 30000 Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen, China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    T4 Main device

    Sample unit price: 229 USD with platform service
    • 1. Support 4G network-wide communication, remote video extraction and viewing
    • 2. Support TF card storage
    • 3. Beidou/GPS positioning monitoring
    • 4. Support 4-channel analog HD video capture
    • 5. Support a variety of alarm types
    • 6. Built-in active safety algorithm (ADAS, DSM camera)
    • 7. Android system, support third-party application integration
    • 8. Comply with Ministry standard JT/T 905-2014 standard

    Optional accessories: Front and rear dual cameras

    Sample unit price: 31 USD
    • Front and rear integrated plastic black shell

    Optional accessories: 128G TF card

    Sample unit price: 25 USD
    • CLASS10, monitoring level

    Roadragon T4

    The T4 smart video terminal is a vehicle-mounted terminal that integrates video, Android system, 7-inch display, RFID card, WiFi module, 4G network communication, and Beidou three-generation positioning, which is developed by our company. It has powerful software and hardware functions. The memory is upgraded to 2GB, the storage space is expanded to 16GB, and the APP runs smoother. It is widely used in taxis, online car-hailing, public transportation, freight and other industry applications. The main features are as follows:

    • One-piece industrial structure design: suitable for tabletop installation.
    • ØOperating system: Based on Android 7.1 operating system.
    • Ø 7-inch touch screen: the screen resolution is 1024*600.
    • ØSupport RFID, IC card driver information card.
    • Ø Support external taxi peripherals such as operating status display, taxi top light, meter, flop and so on.
    • ØWireless communication: Support 4G full Netcom.
    • ØWIFI: Built-in WIFI hotspot, you can share the Internet.
    • ØSupport up to 4 channels of video and 1 channel of camera recording.
    • ØSupport VOIP voice call.
    • ØIntegrate iFLYTEK voice, support Chinese and English TTS speech synthesis.
    • ØSupport the installation of third-party applications and expand the application functions of the terminal industry.
    • ØWith battery over-discharge protection function; with over-voltage protection, if the limit voltage is exceeded, immediately cut off the external circuit protection terminal;
    • ØLow power consumption. When the flameout detects that the battery voltage is low, it can enter the zero power consumption state. At this time, the working current is less than 2mA, which can effectively protect the car battery from over-discharge.
    • ØMultiple protection of power supply, which can adapt to the complex power interference environment in the car.
    • Ø Provide secondary development SDK


    Application scenario Native version Used to provide customers for secondary development1. Cut out unnecessary default applications and keep the main interface, phone, and browser2. Provide secondary development SDK3. Embedded 4-channel video preview interface (4 channels 720P) or 3 channels (2 channels 720P, 1 channel 1080P),4. Support to start automatic dial-up Internet access, preset SDK test app, face input, face recognition APP
    Taxi industry application Support electric recruitment, navigation, driver information display, standard 905/1076 functions, etc.
    Integrate third-party applications stand by
    System other 



    Local upgrade Upgrade via TF card
    Online upgrade Upgrade via WiFi or built-in 4G, connect to the cloud platform for upgrade. Support cloud guardian application upgrade.
    Differential upgrade stand by
    Support peripheral upgrade Support remote upgrade of peripheral programs such as meter, dome light, etc.
    Corporate Guardian Support enterprise guarding platform
    Power saving design Hierarchical power management to realize power saving design1) Support to turn off the screen to run when ACC OFF2) Support timing wake-up and report location information when ACC is OFF①3) Support ACC OFF, the device shuts down when the battery is low, to avoid over-discharge of the battery
    Phone/SMS Integrated Android standard phone/SMS program
    Take pictures Can use the built-in camera
    automatic Automatic dial-up Internet Configurable to open or close.
    Wireless AP stand by
    Automatic time adjustment Time calibration via mobile network or GPS, built-in RTC recording device time①
    SDK development kit Provide SDK secondary development kit
    Online resources (optional) Support integrated Himalayan car version
    Video storage Support 1ch 1080P, 2ch 720P video storage, can be expanded to 4ch 720P
    Video view Support real-time video and historical video retrieval and viewing
    Video export The video is stored on the TF card, you can use the dedicated player to view the video by pulling out the TF card directly
    Video report Support remote viewing of video on taxi platform. Support 1076 protocol
    Login to the platform Support standard 905/808 protocol platform
    navigation Pre-installed AutoNavi navigation car version
    TTS voice broadcast Integrate Xunfei Yuji, support TTS
    Support face recognition Used for driver login and driver identity authentication, supports offline recognition
    Driving behavior analysis Support DSM function, realize driving behavior analysis and alarm display
    Media entertainment Support music and video playback function
    Custom function Boot image, animation, music, application UI can be customized


     Technical parameter description

    1.The main technical parameters

    The main parameters  Operating Voltage 12V
    Operating voltage range 9-16V
    System startup time Cold start≤25S, hot start≤2S
    LCD screen size 7.0 inch
    Resolution 1024X600
    Video interface 



    Support a few roads Support up to 4 channels
    Working voltage/current 12V
    Pixel (resolution) 2 channels 720P, 1 channel 1080P; can be expanded to 4 channels 720P
    recording function 1 camera with recording function②
    Connector model T4 throwing line, aviation plug
    Audio Horn parameters Built-in 1.5W speaker 8 ohm
    MIC Voice recognition, call


    Module model Module built-in positioning function
    Frequency Range Support BD/ GPS / GLONASS; compatible with A-GPS
    other requirements Support positioning antenna open circuit and short circuit detection
    GPS module reserved on the motherboard ③
    storage  FLASH 16GB ROM
    Expansion Card TF card interface supports up to 128GB
    wireless network 




    Module built-in WIFI

    supporting agreement

    2.4G, 802.11b/g/n

    Antenna type

    Built-in antenna


    Full Netcom, support data card

    Number of key types

    7 buttons, can be customized
    Function definition Home/Navigation/Video/Back/Satisfied/General/Unsatisfied. Button function customers can customize
    Privately printed content Home/Navigation/Video/Back/Satisfied/General/Unsatisfied
    IC card IC card /RFID reader
    USB Interface Type Micro USB / cable jet head
    Functional requirements Support 2 USB ports, external USB mobile hard disk can be connected ④
    Serial port  Functional requirements 4 peripheral serial ports, used to connect meter, dome light, driving status controller, etc.
    Peripheral power supply not support
    Debug port Pull out the debug serial port
    I/O High and low level signal 2 inputs, 1 relay control output, 1 emergency alarm
    Acceleration sensor, gyroscope Functional requirements Support, used to detect impact, rollover, etc.
    Positioning performance GPS module P1311
    Tracking sensitivity -162dBm
    Positioning time Cold start TTFF: ≤32sHot start TTFF: ≤1sRecapture TTFF: ≤1s
    positioning accuracy ≤2.5m
    Speed accuracy ≤0.1m/s

    2.Environmental parameters

    Test item

    Executive standard

    Function level

    Operating temperature characteristics Working temperature: -20℃-70℃ Meet grade A
    Storage temperature characteristics Storage temperature: -40℃-85℃ Meet grade C
    Humidity characteristics Humidity: ≤95% Meet grade A

    3.EMC parameters

    Test item Executive standard Function level
    Anti-interference degree of automobile electric spark interference GB/T19056 Meet grade A
    Transient conducted interference along the power line ISO7637-2 Comply with P2a, P3a, P3b, P5, A level Comply with P1, P2B, P4, C level
    Conduction harassment GB/T18655 conduction voltage method Meet the requirements of level Ⅲ
    Radiation harassment GB/T18655 anechoic chamber method Meet the requirements of level Ⅲ
    Radiation immunity GB/T17619 free field method Comply with 24V/m, Class A
    High current injection GB/T17619 high current injection method Comply with 48mA, A grade

    Anti-static discharge groundGB/T19951, power-on modeComply with contact discharge ±6KV, Class A complies with air discharge ±8KV, Class AGB/T19951, storage modeComply with contact discharge ±6KV, C level complies with air discharge ±15KV, C level

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