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GPS Tracker Device Usage Guide

 1.know the SIM type

2G:GSM 850/900/1800/1900

3G:WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100


Know your country network network frenquency range , choose suitable devices and SIM card.

2.install the card 

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Choose the suitable SIM card size according to the device SIM card Slot.

*To check if the device install the SIM in a right way, turn on the device and call it,if the phone get through, SIM card installed correctly.

*First time use a GPS tracking devies , take device to open environment around, to Get an accurate positioning.

3.Set —APN

Konw from your SIM card provider about APN , then set the device APN through SMS command .

(Various devices have different SMS comand ,and normally it have been set since factory)

4.set—IP and Port

If your provider have set the platform for you, skip this process .

If you want to ues your own tracking platform , know your platform IP and Port first, then send SMS command to set device.(your supplier can provide SMS command list )

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5.Log in and See device stage

Log in the platform and see check the device , if online,will show details located information.

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More information about the GPS tracker

1. GPS tracker type

Tracker connect with power (normally vehicle tracker, send location details every second )Tracker connect without external power(with battery, send location details in a interval time,to length usage time: 1. low consumption mode 2.set interval time by SMS command )

2. Way to control the device

PC platform, phone APP, SMS command

3. Geo-fence

In or out the Geo-fence device will alarm 

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4.history playback

Tracker connect with power show an accurate route.Tracker connect without external power, connect every location spots ,show a roughly Trajectory.

5.Various Alarm

Lowpower alarm , device on/off line alarm , geo-fence alarm , over-speed alarm ect.

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6.Fleet management

One main account can manage the several sub-account. 

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