The Iranian tachograph, using the G-V803

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1-This product should be able to independently measure time, driving speed and distance traveled (mileage).

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2-This device should be able to record driving data and driver status i.e., driving behavior. 

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3- The product must have the ability to monitor the entry and exit of the tachograph card.

4- It must be possible to enter driver data manually on the device. 

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5- the tachograph must be able to recognize the driver identity and her/his driving time through her/his driving license or other related license/card. 

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6- The tachograph must be able to be calibrated 

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7- Control, Calibration and maintenance data including the workshop data must be recorded in the tachograph memory.

8- the alarms and events should be recorded in the tachograph memory.

9- Self-checking function: The tachograph must identify its internal components, diagnose them and announce the failure warning.

10- over-speed alarm and recording function: When exceeding the speed limit, the tachograph must first warn and then record the event.

11- overtime driving (fatigue) alarm and recording function: If a driver's driving time exceeds the set limit, the tachograph must sound an alarm and record the event if the driver continues to drive.

12- It should be possible to exchange information with the tachograph through USB and serial port. data download from the tachograph should be quick

13- The tachograph must have an LCD. This LCD can provide various functions. For example, the ability to display information such as the speed log of the last 15 minutes, the driver's fatigue, etc.

14- cThe functionally status classification in the EUT performance verification of this product during the EMC test must be Class A. 

Post time: Oct-21-2023