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Various way to management your fleet


Developing a More Efficient Intelligent Fleet Management Solution

Even with leading edge supply chain management tools, the trailer yard can be a black hole when it comes to inventory or asset visibility. Transportation management and warehouse management have improved operations prior to shipment arrival and after the goods are unloaded, but there is an efficiency and visibility gap between those two activities.

That’s where the fleet management system comes into play. Using these solutions can help you prioritize shipment arrivals, manage fleet activity, improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary labor, and help track and identify trailer contents. These solutions are critical for developing a more efficient fleet management strategy.

This solution is also valued for the truck , wagon , train , logistic car etc. 

Fleet Management Problem

fatigue driving


Fatigue driving behavior

Long-distance drivers, freight drivers like to drive at high speed for a long time in a row, in order to catch up with the schedule, but fatigue driving may bring potential risk.



Route offline

Drivers like to take detours to do some of their own business and not follow the prescribed route.




Night driving behavior

Drivers use company vehicles abnormally during non-working hours, or are stolen by thieves



Over speed driving behavior  

 The driver is speeding, and exceeding the rated speed greatly increases the risk of driving



 Driver does not work  

The driver did not go to work on time, or stayed for a long time after the departure, and did not drive, which affected the delivery progress



GPS Device remove behavior   

When some criminals remove the equipment base and steal some assets of the truck, it will cause asset loss and the risk of vehicle loss.


Fatigue driving alarm 

According to the duration and speed of continuous driving, the Roadragon platform will generate continuous fatigue driving alarm.



Line offset alarm&Route limit alarm

Regulate driver's driving behavior by setting route deviation and route speeding alarm through Google Maps


Off the clock alarm 

No alarm will be generated during normal driving within the time range set by the platform, and corresponding alarms will be generated during non-working hours


Over speed alarm 

Set the speeding alarm through the platform, as long as the rated speed is exceeded, the platform will inform dangerous driving



Vehicle idle alarm & Geofence

The device keeps monitoring for a long time and generates an alarm whenever the driver stays in one place for longer than the rated time


Vibration alarm &  Motion Alarm & Photoelectric alarms

Three kinds of removal alarms to protect the equipment, the vehicle can be recovered and protected in time when it is stolen, and the loss can be recovered


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Special Design Fleet Management Route Report

Route Report