Insurance Car management

Insurance Car Management

The original purpose of the GPS tracker is to prevent theft of the vehicle. The vehicle GPS locator can only be used in the normal way to report to the police in an emergency and to monitor remotely to avoid disputes.

With the development of GPS and communication technology, insurance finance has become increasingly dependent on GPS trackers. Lending has a high risk. Most auto finance companies' car loan businesses only charge a certificate, not a car; the lender only needs to mortgage the relevant information of the vehicle to the finance company to apply for a loan, without the need to mortgage the vehicle. A GPS tracking solution is needed in the insurance industries.

Insurance UBI  data providing  

1.GPS positioning: driving track, electronic fence, track playback, base station positioning
2.Vehicle physical examination: remote fault code removal for vehicle fault physical examination
3.OBD general data: vehicle speed, rotational speed, water temperature, intake pressure, accumulated mileage, accumulated fuel consumption
4.OBD special car instrument mileage, V code remaining fuel, tire pressure, brake pad wear, oil level, driving behavior data, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp corners and other UBI data
5.Remind alarm data: trailer alarm, collision alarm, battery voltage is too low, water temperature is too high, idling speed is too long and speeding, fatigue driving, ignition and flameout report, equipment pull out alarm

OBD protocol support
ISO-15765 500K ST       ISO-15765 500K EX

ISO-15765 250K ST       ISO-15765 250K EX

ISO-14230 FAST            ISO-14230 SLOW

ISO-9141-2                      J1939

3YD tracker

In order to prevent lenders from evading surveillance and malicious people removing and destroying GPS positioning equipment, Roadragon recommends installing a wireless GPS locator LTS-3YD + wired GPS locator MT-009 on the vehicle, wired GPS equipment MT-009 in the bright place, wireless GPS The device LTS-3YD is in the dark, and the light and the dark complement each other.

In this way, even if one of them is demolished, the remaining ones can still be used in time to supplement the positioning data in a timely manner, which can effectively reduce the rate of fraud and bad loans. Not only does it have an accurate insight into the movement of loan vehicles, but it can also effectively prevent the risk of default and recover vehicles in time after the risk occurs.

For the more common 5-year auto insurance on the market today (RCA, CVT), Roadragon's ultra-long standby LTS-3YD uses 6 Panasonic CR123A batteries to meet ultra-long standby for more than 5 years, battery life of 15 years. which can be valid during the insurance contract period Guarantee the safety of vehicle property.

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