Mine truck solar energy tracking solution

Roadraogn Solar tracker

Australia ZZOOTA design tracking platform, support a stable and reliable platform service.

solar platform
solar platform

Real-time tracking


IP67 waterproof


emergency SOS

LLS-100T Roadragon (9)
LLS-100T Roadragon (3)
LLS-100T Roadragon (2)

Mine truck application

A solution specially built for mining vehicles, continuous tracking of complex terrain, strong and stable 4G signal, waterproof and durable, suitable for use in harsh conditions. The customized metal protective shell protects the device from being damaged by thieves.

Roadragon Solar tracker LLS-100T (9)
mine truck
LLS-100T Roadragon (6)
Roadragon IRIDIUM & 4G GPS1
1000x1000 IP67 waterproof-2

About LLS-100T

LLS-100T and LLS-100TS(Double the battery). It’s 100% solar-powered, waterproof, designed for rugged conditions to GPS track large assets like containers, frames, lighting towers, machines. Save all unnecessary troubles in your equipment management links, solar energy maintains a continuous battery supply.