Do you know where the GPS locator is placed in the car?

When we buy a GPS locator, we must not want to find it, so where is it hidden?
Now people’s living standards are getting better and better. Many people have bought cars in their own homes in order to pay attention to the quality of life. The cost of the car is second only to the house. The money is hard to earn. It is very difficult. If we are afraid of the car being stolen, we can install the GPS locator, but where is it hidden? This is a topic worth discussing. .


First, the engine compartment

This position is also very safe. Everyone knows that there are many parts in the engine compartment, and they are all key parts. They can control the life of a car. Unless there is any problem, no one will look at it. Unless the car is in trouble to detect the repair, the GPS positioner is placed in the engine compartment, which is a hidden place.

Second, the rearview mirror

Don’t look at the rearview mirror is not big, in fact, such a small thing is enough to make the manufacturer’s GPS have enough space. Putting the GPS locator inside the rearview mirror, the average person can’t find it at all, and even more will not doubt the small rearview mirror.


Third, under the seat

Every time we drive, we need to sit in the driver’s seat for a series of operations. Basically no one will think that the GPS locator will be hidden under the seat that is often sitting, and I certainly can’t feel its existence. If the owner does not check it carefully, it will definitely not be found.

Fourth, the central control inside

Because there are navigation systems, air conditioning systems, etc. in the car control, the disassembly is more convenient, because the front of the central control is the engine compartment, so the GPS positioner will be stronger here, as long as the car appears in a relatively empty area. Then, the GPS can transmit the signal and the other party can receive the signal. Therefore, the central control of the car has become the first choice for installing the positioner, which is safe and concealed, and is convenient for the installation of the position tracker that needs to take power.

Post time: Nov-01-2019