• 3G gps locator long standby application range and principle

    3G gps locator long standby application range and principle

    Based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, it can locate or monitor remote targets through short messages or the Internet. It is the most advanced GPS and AGPS dual positioning, built-in large capacity battery, long standby, free installation + strong magnetic adsorption. &nb...
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  • LBS base station positioning and GPS satellite positioning comparison

    LBS base station positioning and GPS satellite positioning comparison

    Position positioning can be broadly divided into two broad categories:   1. GPS (Global Positioning System), GPS positioning is performed by receiving latitude and longitude coordinate signals provided by GPS satellites. 2. LBS (LBS–Location Based Service), and LBS calculates the locat...
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  • How long can the car GPS locator last?

    How long does the car GPS locator last? This may be one of the concerns of users. Users buy GPS locators, just to protect the car safety in this society where car theft cases occur frequently. Choosing a wireless GPS locator is nothing more than the advantages of a wireless gps locator for easy i...
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  • Long standby 3 years free installation car GPS locator

    Long standby 3 years free installation car GPS locator

    Free installation of gps locator as the most demanding gps series on the market. Its advantages of strong concealment, anti-demolition and long standby time have been favored and sought after by industries such as auto car loan, logistics fleet and official car management. !   What are the ...
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  • OBD Locator VS Strong magnetic GPS locator, which you prefer?

    The strong magnetic GPS locator is a wireless GPS locator that uses a powerful magnet to mount the GPS locator. OBD Locator: Similar to the cable locator, it only has an OBD port connection cable that can be directly connected to the car OBD interface. So what is OBD? ” OBD (On-Board Diagn...
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  • How to install the motorcycle GPS locator

    How to install the motorcycle GPS locator

    Method / step 1 Choose to purchase an electric vehicle GPS locator. Pay attention when purchasing: 2. There are two types of GPS locators. One is pure GPS positioning, which can only be located in open air. One is GPS positioning + GPRS positioning (mobile phone signal base station positioning),...
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  • Car OBD to OBD-III

    Car OBD to OBD-III

    Since the 1980s, major automobile manufacturers such as the United States, Japan, and Europe have begun to equip their EFI vehicles with OBD, but the initial OBD has no automatic inspection function, and can only monitor the basic conditions of the sensor’s open/short circuit. . It cannot m...
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  • Introduce a little knowledge about the GPS locator you don’t know

    Have you heard the difference in GPS? Here is a brief introduction. Differential GPS (DGPS) is a differential GPS reference station that uses known accurate three-dimensional coordinates to obtain the pseudorange correction amount or position correction amount, and then sends the correction amoun...
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  • Can an motorbike also be equipped with a gps tracker? Where can I buy it?

    The motorbike tracker is divided into wired and unwired. The installation of the electric vehicle positioner requires a certain number of steps (described below). The unwired electric vehicle positioner does not need to be installed, and is placed directly under the electric vehicle seat or the v...
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  • Can the car locator use like this?Something you don’t know about the gps locator?

    We have said that many cars need to install a GPS locator, so what is the significance of doing this? As the name implies, the vehicle locator is installed in the interior of the car to achieve the effect of positioning the car. The vehicle locator has a wide range of applications and has been wi...
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  • What is the principle and application of the car locator?

    1 Introduction Starting from the GPS global positioning system in the United States, this technology focused on location information has gradually entered people’s field of vision, and has received great attention and rapid development. Positioning technology not only has strategic signific...
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  • How GPS locator to solve the problem of difficult vehicle management!

    Vehicle management is the safety management and technical supervision of vehicles and drivers. For enterprises, enterprise bus management is particularly important, including file management (vehicles, drivers), safety management, vehicle location management, vehicle record management, fuel consu...
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