GPS Locator Encyclopedia: Installation and operation of car GPS locator and anti-theft device

What is the main purpose of installing a GPS in the car? The editor of the speed name network will tell us the knowledge points about this. The device of the car GPS tracker is mainly used for anti-lost and anti-theft, as well as the use of car and loan. In addition, for the management of the fleet, the car GPS locator is essential. The reason is very simple, the manager can check the historical track and then confirm whether the vehicle can reach the intended destination on time. Of course, you can also handle the driver to prevent slack.
Where are car GPS trackers generally installed? As for the positioning with a strong magnet, it is enough to stick it directly on the bottom of the car. The waterproof function is available, and it has a long standby time and does not require frequent charging. In addition, users who want to connect to electricity for a long time can directly connect to the car battery, and then achieve the purpose of continuous positioning without power supply. As far as the experience of is concerned, it is best not to choose this method of power connection, because it will easily cause the car to lose power. The car GPS tracker can also be placed directly under the seat, so that the device is relatively shaded.
The car GPS locator needs to insert a mobile phone card into the machine. Many people don’t understand why the car GPS needs to insert a mobile phone card, but the reason is very simple. The principle of positioning is to use the SIM data in the GPS positioning system to transmit to the designated background, and then form a complete positioning monitoring system. The size of GPS locators is generally relatively small, but the volume of GPS trackers is relatively large due to the relatively large battery capacity due to the long standby time. If you want to shade the car locator, the common fixed position is generally to remove the baffle of the main driver or the co-driver. In the interior space of the device and under the seat, these positions are more suitable for shade installation. But the point to confirm is to ensure that the GPS antenna can receive satellite signals normally, so the location of the device must not block the signal. Auto finance risk control system
We introduce car GPS locator, anti-theft device and operation, only for some simple GPS locators, which can be installed by yourself, and for some GPS locators with complicated wiring, especially those that require external cameras, printers, fuel consumption The car GPS locator of the detector is not recommended to be installed by yourself, you need to ask an experienced master or go to the auto repair station to install it. This is important because the device comes first. Generally, a simple car GPS locator can meet the requirements, and there is no need to connect it with the power supply of the car. GPS Personal Locator

Post time: Aug-25-2022