How the car GPS locator solve the problem of difficult vehicle management!

Vehicle management is the safety management and technical supervision of vehicles and drivers. For enterprises, enterprise bus management is particularly important, including file management (vehicles, drivers), safety management, vehicle location management, vehicle record management, fuel consumption information management and many other aspects of information management, vehicle GPS positioning The device can effectively prevent criminals from using vehicle management loopholes to carry out activities and maintain vehicle and property safety.

Vehicle management must formulate relevant vehicle management systems based on the nature of the work and actual conditions of the enterprise, and combine the current popular vehicle management software system to improve the supervision of corporate buses from the system to the technical aspects.
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Vehicle management problems

Private use of buses: The private use of buses has become a hot issue in social discussion. Whether it is a government unit or a company, the private use of buses has become a disease!

Violation of driving: Some drivers are driving illegally regardless of their own safety, vehicle loss and company vehicle tickets, such as speeding, red light, etc. This practice is not only a hazard to the company despite its own life safety! Other issues, etc…

High vehicle operating costs: transportation / distribution, warehouse rent / loading and unloading, business vehicles / administrative vehicles, operating costs remain high!

Negative absenteeism: Many media reported some negative absenteeism. If you don’t arrive at the site according to the prescribed time, it will be a little inconvenient for the citizens to travel for less than ten minutes and half an hour. The explanation given by the driver is also varied. It is not a bus driver. The phenomenon of passive completion of drivers of other enterprises is also very serious, which has given the company a big discount on the normal operation and the efficiency of the company’s work!瞒 Reported tolls: Many drivers, for their own benefit, illegally obtained road toll invoices, which was reimbursed to the company, which brought huge economic losses to the company. How to eliminate this phenomenon Head!

The abnormal oil consumption of trucks: the fuel consumption of trucks is more than the actual amount of oil, which causes the operating costs of enterprises to increase. How to solve this problem is a big problem that has been plagued by leaders. In the past, the personal qualities and professional ethics of employees came from my constraints. However, under the temptation of huge interests, many drivers took risks and harmed the company for their own personal gain, especially the rising oil prices, which caused huge profits losses for the company!

Vehicle management problem solving


Car GPS locator, vehicle management software system, car GPS positioning terminal equipment, GPS locator
Institutional aspect

A complete and applicable management system of the enterprise should be established; we can effectively manage the application and use list from the use of the vehicle; the maintenance and repair of the bus is scheduled and fixed, and the driver is responsible for the violation of the vehicle.

Technical aspects

Install vehicle GPS locators on all corporate buses to effectively monitor and manage the vehicle’s systematic informationization; in addition, installing automotive GPS positioning terminal equipment can save 80% of the cost of enterprise vehicle management! Hezhi Sitron GPS vehicle management system can realize real-time tracking of vehicles. Enterprise vehicle management vehicles can locate and track a vehicle in real time. At the same time, it can also use the historical track playback function of the GPS management system for managers who cannot monitor the vehicle in real time. To check the location of the vehicle and other related information, you can also check the mileage of the vehicle on the current day of the day, monitor the fuel consumption of the vehicle, and so on.

In addition, the vehicle GPS management system has become an important part of enterprise modern management, risk control, reducing enterprise vehicle operating costs, and controlling vehicle safety. The National Road Transportation Management Department has issued a notice requesting that the new factory will be delivered on August 1, 2011; Tourist chartered buses, three types of class buses and vehicles transporting dangerous chemicals, fireworks and firecrackers, and civilian explosives vehicles must be installed with GPS terminals that meet the standards before leaving the factory. The uninstalled Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will not be notified of vehicle products。

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