How to install the motorcycle GPS locator

Method / step

1 Choose to purchase an electric vehicle GPS locator. Pay attention when purchasing:


2. There are two types of GPS locators. One is pure GPS positioning, which can only be located in open air. One is GPS positioning + GPRS positioning (mobile phone signal base station positioning), which can be located in places where there are mobile phone signals. The two prices are different and can be purchased as needed. How to install the motorcycle GPS locator 2 Purchase gsm mobile phone flow card. To be able to locate and track the GPS locator, mobile traffic must be used to transfer data. Therefore, you need to purchase a mobile phone card, which must open data traffic. Under normal circumstances, it is more cost-effective to purchase mobile phone cards at the same time when purchasing GPS. Such mobile phone cards only have 30M data, and there is no other cost.

3 Location tracking network platform registration. Record the GPS IMEI number and mobile phone card number. Provided to the seller, the seller will help register on the location tracking network platform.

4 Disassemble the electric car. The GPS needs to be installed in a place where there is no cover for the iron, and it needs to be connected to the power supply of the battery and the power of the electric lock. Therefore, it is generally necessary to remove the front frame baffle and the seat.

5 The measurement confirms the electric car lock ACC line. The electric lock has two wires, one in and one out, and the general yellow wire is the ACC wire. The voltage of the ACC can be measured with a multimeter for confirmation. The method is: the black pen is connected to the negative pole of the battery, and the red pen is connected to the yellow line of the electric lock. When the key hits the “OFF” position, the ACC has no voltage; when the key hits the “ON” position, the ACC has a voltage and is equal to the total voltage of the electric vehicle battery.

6 Wiring and wiring. First set the GPS installation location, and then route (route). The yellow line of the GPS is a spare line and does not need to be connected. The orange line (ACC) of the GPS is connected to the ACC line of the electric lock. The black line (-) of the GPS is connected to the negative pole of the battery. The red line (+) of the GPS is connected to the positive pole of the battery.

7 Install the phone card. Insert the phone card into the GPS locator and cover it with the cover and tighten the cover screws. After the phone is plugged into the GPS locator, the locator is automatically turned on. (except for the built-in batteryless positioner) It is best to wrap the cover area with electrical tape. At the same time, the indicator light of the GPS locator is sealed with electrical tape to prevent the thief from discovering when the GPS locator works at night. 8 Fixed GPS locator and harness. Connect the GPS locator to the GPS line. When the GPS positioner is fixed, the indicator of the GPS positioner must be up. The harness should be tied to prevent wear. 9 Install the baffle and seat of the electric vehicle. Put the unpacked bezel and seat back as they are. Then the GPS is installed. Open the location tracking network platform with your computer or mobile phone. After logging in, you can see the location map and location of the electric vehicle.

Post time: Sep-05-2019