How to make the gps locator system more perfect

Technology is constantly improving, then if our GPS locator is better developed?
Urban traffic congestion has always been a stubborn disease in urban intelligent traffic management and cannot be effectively solved. Retrograde electric bicycles and red lights have seriously hindered the development of urban intelligent traffic management. To this end, Roadragon combines the status quo of the industry, integrates its own resources, and assists the management of urban intelligent transportation through the GPS positioning terminal of electric vehicles, effectively solving the problems brought by electric bicycles to urban intelligent traffic management.

With its two attributes of economy and speed, electric bicycles play an increasingly important role in our lives. The purchase cost and maintenance cost of electric vehicles are low and easy to use. In short-distance travel in second- and third-tier cities, electric vehicles are more convenient and efficient, and can effectively avoid traffic jams, etc., and become a key factor for consumers to choose.


Urban intelligent traffic management
At the same time, electric vehicles have both environmental protection and energy-saving functions. Electric vehicles do not emit toxic gases and cause air pollution. They are a kind of green transportation; the distance of 100 kilometers is about 1-3 degrees, and it has become a national policy support. Key factor.

Social problems are prominent and management needs to be resolved

Data show that in 2017, China’s electric bicycles have more than 300 million. While electric vehicles bring convenience to people’s travel, they also bring enormous pressure on the management issues of electric vehicles such as security and transportation.

Electric car stealing is serious

The anti-theft measures of electric vehicles are weak, lack of effective management, and are extremely prone to burglary. According to the data, the number of electric vehicle thefts in the country is close to 1/4 of the total sales.

It is difficult to solve the case

Theft of electric vehicles is short-lived and the sales are fast, and the difficulty and cost of the police to solve the case are very large. It is in a situation of more than one case, difficult to solve the case, difficult to arrest, and difficult to trace.

Positioning function electric vehicle cost is too high

As a more effective GPS anti-theft measure, GPS positioning can be carried out in the pre-GPS installation of electric vehicles. However, for the manufacturers to design the positioning models separately, it not only costs hardware and software development costs, but also requires long exploration and intangible increase. The cost of electric vehicles, and consumers may not be favored.

Post time: Nov-13-2019