Is the motorcycle GPS alarm useful and necessary?

To know if motorcycle GPS alarm useful and necessary, you must first know how to choose a good anti-theft device. Choosing the right one is naturally useful, but if you choose the wrong one, you may not only waste money but also lose your car. So today we will first look at how to choose a motorcycle GPS alarm.

There are indeed a lot of GPS products available for selection. Consumers may only know that GPS can be used for positioning. After the vehicle is stolen, the GPS location function can be used to retrieve the stolen vehicle. In fact, there are many details in the middle that everyone needs to pay attention to, that is, you have to choose a GPS anti-theft device that suits you. That is the best. Moreover, the GPS anti-theft device is not a universal anti-theft product, but the last line of defense for your car. All the anti-theft devices are not as important as the anti-theft.

The technical indicators of motorcycle GPS anti-theft products are described as follows:

1, the power consumption indicator is very important, GPS is 24h all-weather work, the power consumption is larger than the ordinary anti-theft device, the maximum capacity of the motorcycle battery is 7A, if you do not grasp this indicator, as long as you do not drive a car, the car will I can’t fire electronically. Therefore, when purchasing, you should ask how much the standby current is. If you exceed 15mA, you should consider it clearly.


2, when purchasing motorcycles and electric vehicles GPS, the alarm function must be selected correctly, because it will directly affect the safety of the vehicle. The function of vibration alarm is not recommended. Because this false alarm rate is too embarrassing, the false alarm will affect the battery. Service life.

3, illegal start alarm must be there, stealing motorcycles and electric cars are generally small thieves, stealing a car will definitely find a way to start the vehicle to escape the scene at the first time, with this feature, the car will be stolen I will inform you at a time.

4, low-power alarm function will directly affect the service life of the vehicle battery, GPS working voltage is 3.6 – 4.5V, and the vehicle battery voltage is 12V, if there is no low-power alarm prompt, GPS will use the vehicle battery from 12V to below 3V It is necessary to save money for the battery.

5, power off alarm function, depending on whether the optional GPS has a spare battery, if not, it is recommended not to choose, because the car thief just disconnect the vehicle’s battery, GPS is useless. The power failure alarm can clearly tell you whether the GPS has been removed after the car is stolen. The GPS positioning can only locate the GPS. If there is no such function, the GPS will be removed. If the vehicle is stolen, you may only get the GPS; this function can also To protect the safety of the vehicle battery, if it is an electric vehicle, it is necessary to select the power-off alarm function.

6, the brake flameout function is also very important, after stealing the car succeeded, the car thief will escape the scene for the first time, if your speed is slower, you may watch the vehicle run by the thief, so, it is best It is the kind of mobile phone that can be parked, because the mobile phone is carried by you.


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Post time: Jul-31-2019