Long standby 3 years free installation car GPS locator

Free installation of gps locator as the most demanding gps series on the market.

Its advantages of strong concealment, anti-demolition and long standby time have been favored and sought after by industries such as auto car loan, logistics fleet and official car management. !



What are the benefits of this free-to-install gps locator that can stand for 3 years?


What is the most stable free installation gps locator, let’t introduce to you:

1.real-time location

2.sleep mode

3.save electricity

4. multiple chasing modes
It is such a simple stable and free installation of gps devices that can stand by for 3 years.
Look at its application in the car loan industry

In the loan for 3 years.
In 2014, this wireless locator came out, many car loans, new car loans, large-scale car loan companies, came to this market, many customers want a free gps locator, and can also stand by Longer, because of this demand, large-scale consumers in the market have come.
Say the following parameters:

1, GPS positioning

2, LBS positioning

3, AGPS positioning

4, the power consumption is very low

5, 4500mAH large capacity battery

6, mature platform
Therefore, this free installation locator, in the market, is invincible, a lot of car loans, new car loans, financing loans, these companies, very like this product.


Post time: Sep-12-2019