The importance of GPS positioning platform to users

Many users buy equipment for the sake of cheapness and are confused by the rhetoric of customer service.

As far as the GPS tracker is concerned, there are no giants or big brands in this industry.

Many brands on the Internet are brands purchased for the needs of e-commerce, and they do not have much gold content.

Maybe the store is still there this year, but not next year.

Even if the lifespan of the GPS tracker is 6-7 years, but the GPS positioning platform is closed, the store will run away, and it will not be able to be used.

There are many such cases, and we often receive such consultation and after-sales calls.

A very important part of this is the GPS positioning platform, even if the store does not sell GPS locators,

As long as the platform is still usable and still, you can continue to use it.

Car Life GPS positioning platform has been operating for 7 years since 2013,

Moreover, our platform has accumulated more than 11 million devices, such a large amount of devices, for such a long time,

We will not close it easily, after all, why should a profitable platform be closed?

On the contrary, some niche platforms on the market have only a few thousand or tens of thousands of devices, and one day they will lose an agent.

If the platform has no income, or starts to lose money, how can the platform continue?

In the GPS tracker industry, many manufacturers choose to use the car life platform, not because of how many functions and how cool the interface is.

But because manufacturers know the stability of the platform and the continuity of the team,

The team of the R&D company of the car life platform is the backbone, and they have been engaged in this industry for more than 10 years.

So no matter what you look at, Car Life is your preferred GPS positioning platform, stability and continuity are the most important, don’t worry about running away.

Post time: Jun-17-2022