waterproof GPS trackers worldwide

Tail it are launching their popular GPS trackers worldwide, the company launched then in the US last summer through Kickstarter and now they are being made available in the rest of the world. Tail it offers the ability to track your pet, your bike, you kids and a basically anything you want.

Tail it Technologies AS are based in Trondheim Norway, they have been developing popular GPS trackers since 2017 and they now offer a wide range of trackers to suit every application.  The company has already celebrated a range of milestones, these include developing one of the world’s smallest GS trackers which will last for up to two weeks on a single charge, they also offer the world’s thinnest GPS tracker.

The company has developed an encrypted firmware for their GPS trackers ensuring that everything is secure and everything is controlled with the Tail it application on your smartphone. Keeping track of your belongings “should be easy.” says Tail it CEO Morten Sæthre, each of the Tail it trackers are plug and play making them easy to setup and use.

The Tail it GPS trackers use GPS / GLONASS satellite and also the GSM network to send data to the Tail it servers. They come with their own sim cars pre0nstalled and they have an encrypted APN and the encrypted SIM cards have been specifically designed for the Tail it GPS trackers. The company’s mission it to helps you keep track of everything and everyone in the same place, this is where their specially developed

The first device in the range is the Tail it, this is a mini GPS tracker and also the smallest one of the range which is about the size of a coin. you can charge the Tail it with either USB C or with QI wireless charging and the battery will give you up to two weeks of usage. This tiny GPS tracker has a wide range of applications, you can out it in your wallet, bag or anything that needs a small tracker. Tail it is now available worldwide for $99, you can find full information here.

If you want a GPS tracker which will last longer then this is where the Tail it+ comes in, this tracker is about the size of a credit card, it comes with an impressive battery life of up to eight weeks. The Tail it+ also features QI wireless charging and USB C charging. This is the ideal accessory for a wide range tracking purposes, an ideal solution to keep an eye on your suitcase whilst you are traveling, this is where the Live tracing feature comes in handy. Tail it+ is also available for $99, you can find more information here.

Tail it has also developed a range of dedicated GPS trackers for multiple applications, the first of these is the Tail it Bike. As the name suggests the GPS tracker for bike has been designed specifically for your bike, it is waterproof and designed to fit inside you handlebar and is compatible with a wide range of bikes, including road and mountain bikes. It comes with a USB charger built in and  it has been designed to allow easy charging, you can just plug it in via USB whilst it is installed in your bikes handle bars. Tail it Bike is also available for $99.

Tail it Pet is another dedicated GPS tracker, this one is designed to keep track of your family pet, the device is one of the smallest pet trackers available on the market today weighing in at just 22g. This is the ideal GPS tracker for your cat or dog. It comes with a battery life of 2 weeks and also supports live tracking. The Tail it Pet is now available for just $99, you can find out more information here.

Tail it Kids is a great way to keep an eye on your kids, it is designed to look like a smartwatch and is a mobile phone with GPS built in. This allows you to track your children to make sure they are safe when you are not with them. The mobile phone will automatically answer after three rings, ensuring that you can contact your kids by phone easily. GPS tracker for kids comes in a choice of three colors, pink, blue of black and it is available for $149, you can find out more information here.

There are a wide range of Tail it devices available to suit every possible application, this will ensure that you can keep track of everything you need to and see exactly where they are in real time. The Tail it app is the ideal accessory for these innovative GPS trackers and it is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. You can find out more details about all of the Tail it GPS trackers over at their website at the link below.

Post time: May-30-2019