What can a vehicle locator in a car do?

The function of the vehicle locator is as follows:
1. Vehicle positioning;
2. Historical track;
3. Safety management;
4. Vehicle utilization statistics;
5. Lock function;
6. Vehicle anti-theft;
7. Command and dispatch.

The installation position of the vehicle locator is as follows:
1. Installed on the a-pillar, b-pillar, and c-pillar of the vehicle;
2. Inside the car engine compartment;
3. Around the dashboard;
4. Under the seat;
5. Inside the trunk;
6. The hidden place inside the decorative panel under the front windshield;
7. Under the lower decorative panel of the rear windshield;
8. Front bumper.

The GPS positioning system is based on the GSM and GPRS network and the GPS satellite positioning system, and can locate or monitor remote vehicles through SMS or other methods. With mileage statistics, ACC detection function, power failure alarm function.

Post time: Mar-14-2023