Car driving recorder MDVR support 8ch Camera ADAS DSM monitoring screen G5-P

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G5-P Main device with platform service 1. Support 4G network-wide communication, remote video extraction and viewing 2. Support hard disk + SD card storage 3. GPS positioning monitoring 4. Support up to 8 channels of analog HD video capture 5. Support ADAS, DSM, overspeed, fatigue driving and other alarm types 6. Comply with Ministry standard JT/T 794-2019 standard, GB/T 19065-2021 standard, etc. 7. Contains 2 cameras (ADAS camera and DSM camera) Contact us ...

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  • Supply Ability: 30000 Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen, China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    G5-P Main device

    with platform service
    • 1. Support 4G network-wide communication, remote video extraction and viewing
    • 2. Support hard disk + SD card storage
    • 3. GPS positioning monitoring
    • 4. Support up to 8 channels of analog HD video capture
    • 5. Support ADAS, DSM, overspeed, fatigue driving and other alarm types
    • 6. Comply with Ministry standard JT/T 794-2019 standard, GB/T 19065-2021 standard, etc.
    • 7. Contains 2 cameras (ADAS camera and DSM camera)

    Optional accessories: HD 720P camera

    • Metal Conch Shell, 720P

    Optional accessories: 500G mechanical hard disk

    • Surveillance grade mechanical hard drive

    Roadragon 海报3

    G5-P is a new generation of highly integrated,vehicle-mounted intelligent video terminal developed with the latest technology. It is an active safety intelligent video terminal integrating 4G wireless transmission, vehicle travelling data recorder, anti-fatigue warning function-Driver Status Monitoring(DSM), forward Advanced Driving Assistance system (ADAS), WIFI communication,  8-channel(maximum) DVR high-definition monitoring and video storage, and Beidou /GPS dual-mode high-precision positioning. Data such as vehicle status, trajectory information, video images, driver status and driving warning information can be collected during the driving process to facilitate the enterprises and regulatory authorities to conduct the vehicle management effectively and remotely, curb unsafe driving behaviors, and reduce the risk of driving accidents.

    Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited


    Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd(CL Truck)


    Yutong Group Co., Ltd


    Operation Temperature

    -30 ℃ +70 ℃

    Storage temperature

    -40 ℃ +85 ℃

    Operation voltage


    Operation current







    6/8 channels video (AHD/CVBS) input, 1CVBS output

    IPC interface, 12V power supply


    Built-in microphone for Monitor and talking, The first 4 channels of cameras support audio input

    Built-in 2W hands-free speaker

    1 AOUT output channel for audio and video of monitor playback


    1 SATA hard disk interface, supporting 2.5-inch mechanical / solid-state hard disk, supporting shock absorption design

    1 SD card interface, single card supporting 256G

    Communication peripherals

    1 prepositional USB2.0 interface , 5V power supply, supports 1A load (maximum)

    Disaster recovery Backup USB: 5V power supply, supports up to 500mA load, 5PIN Aviation Plug Connector

    DB9 prepositional serial port

    3 RS232 peripheral interfaces

    2 CAN interfaces

    1 IPC interface, 12V power output (1.5A)

    IC card

    Touch IC card


    Built-in printer

    Infrared receiver

    1 channel infrared reception

    Display screen

    Black and white LCD,dot matrix: 132 * 64, with adjustable  Backlight brightness


    Support Beidou & GPS positioning
      External FAKRA C / Blue antenna interface
      Support location antenna open circuit and short circuit detection

    Communication module

    4G , FAKRA D / connector
      Prepositional micro SIM card


    Support external WIFI

    Infrared receiving


    IO function

    5 positive/ 1 negative/ 2 three states /2 AD/1 output


    Built-in acceleration sensor

    Spare battery

    Built-in 7.4V / 540 mA/h lithium battery, support switch, support power detection

    External interface

    Power interface: 20pin
      Video interface: 4 pin Aviation Plug Connector
      Expansion interface: IPC / serial port
      IPC interface: 6 pin Aviation Plug Connector

    Ultra low power consumption design

    Static power consumption: less than 2mA / 24V
      Zero power consumption in sleep mode, ignition wake-up, do not support timed wake-up

    Specification of Positioning antenna

    Length: 3M (standard), 5m (optional)
      Electrical parameters:

    Frequency range: GPS L1 (1575.42 ± 1.023mhz); Beidou generation II B1 (1561.098 ± 2.046mhz)

    Polarization mode: dextral circular polarization

    Input / output standing wave: ≤ 2.0

    Antenna bandwidth: ≥ 20MHz

    Output impedance: 50 ohm

    Working voltage: 3v-5vdc

    Working current: 9ma -- 14mA (3.3vdc)

    Product gain: 28 ± 3.5 dBi

      Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

    Storage temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

    Waterproof and dust proof grade: IP67

    Specification of communication antenna

    Length: 1 m

    Power cord specification

    Length: 2 m
      Technical condition of wire harness: QC / t29106

    The representation of wire harness and connector: QC / t417

    PVC thin wall wire shall be used according to QC / t730, grade B

    The surface of metal terminal in connector shall be tin-plated according to Q / catr-4.12

    Product function

    1 Video

    The terminal adopts H.264 video compression technology and special streaming media format to realize functions of 6 / 8 channels real-time image monitoring, timing recording, event recording and alarm recording . It can be extended to support 8-channel 720p analog HD video acquisition, and the image resolution is optional in 720p / 960h / D1 / half D1 / CIF.

    2 Massive storage

    Adopt Hard disk and SD card to store images and videos. The capacity is determined according to the customer's choice, and patent file format is used for recording, so as to ensure the safety of video and data files in vehicle environment.

    Image transmission

    Real-time monitoring video via 3G/4G wireless network, dual code stream transmission, adjustable rate. It can capture remotely and upload pictures / videos according to the alarm events.

    4 Multimedia analysis

    The multimedia driving record analysis software can realize the functions of audio and video synchronous playback, conditional playback, clip storage, license plate overlay, geographic information overlay, event analysis and record extraction.

    5 ADAS

    Alarm type


    Default enabling condition


    Front Collision WarningFCW

    Real time monitoring of the distance with the car ahead, can alert the driver 2.7 seconds before the expected collision to prevent rear-end collision.

    speed per hour≥30km/h

    Standard configuration

    Lane Departure WarningLDW

    Monitor the current lane markings and vehicle tracks, and raise the alarm to remind drivers to keep safe lanes when they are about to deviate unintentionally.

    speed per hour≥55km/h

    Standard configuration

    Headway Monitoring and WarningHMW

    Displays the distance (in seconds) of the vehicle ahead and alarms when approaching the preset danger distance.

    speed per hour≥30km/h

    Standard configuration


    1) Enabling speed can be configured according to the actual condition;

    2) Can be used in most scenarios (except extreme weather), such as day, night, tunnel and rainy day;

    3) Support failure alarm when ADAS is obscured ;

    4) For more functional requirements, please contact the Official Technical Support department.

    6 DSM

    Alarm type



    Fatigue driving alarm

    Identify the persistent eye closure status and yawn status (distinguish the degree of mild and severe)

    Standard configuration

    Distraction alarm

    Identify driver’s persistent state when turn left or right, raise or lower the head

    Standard configuration

    Alarm when receiving and making calls

    Recognize gestures when make a Phone Call

    Standard configuration

    Smoking alarm

    Recognize smoking posture

    Standard configuration

    Departure alarm

    Identify when the driver leaves his seat

    Standard configuration

    Driver change alarm

    The current detection of faces is different from last time

    Standard configuration

    Driver identification

    Identify the driver ID



    Standard configuration

    Failure alarm

    Alarm when the camera is covered and invalid

    Standard configuration

    Alarm when Infrared glasses block monitoring

    Standard configuration


    1) The driver can recognize the driver normally in the daytime and night, wearing short-sighted glasses and ordinary sunglasses;

    2) The enabling speed can be configured according to the actual use;

    3) It has strong resistance to external light source, and can work normally in different lighting scenarios such as day, cloudy day or night;

    4) For more functional requirements, please contact the Official technical support department.

    7 Vehicle monitoring

    Vehicle timing monitoring and positioning function, electronic fence function, vehicle mileage statistics, blind area supplementary report function, track storage function, base station auxiliary positioning function, real-time video monitoring function.

    8 Signal detection and control

    There are 9 signal inputs, 1 speed sensor signal input and 1 relay control output.Intelligent and compulsive power cut-off control, camera power supply control.

    9 Alarm and pre-warning

    Support emergency alarm, parking overtime alarm, overspeed alarm, overspeed pre-warning, fatigue driving alarm, lane deviation alarm, electronic fence alarm, power-off alarm, low power alarm, positioning antenna open circuit and short circuit alarm, camera fault alarm, face recognition fatigue driving warning, front vehicle collision warning and lane departure warning.

    10 Road detection

    Realize yaw prompt and alarm , section speed limit prompt and alarm, enter and exit the station report, station associated control.

    11 Voice broadcast and telephone

    Vehicle hands-free phone, remote monitoring function,voice prompt function, TTS text voice broadcast function.

    12 Tachographs

    The terminal can record the vehicle traveling, continuously records and stores the vehicle driving status data at a time interval of 1 second. The driving data include real time of the vehicle during the driving process, the average speed corresponding to each second interval and the status signal of corresponding time. The effective data recording shall not be less than the latest 48 unit hours. The unit of speed recording is kilometer per hour (km / h), and the measurement range is 0km/h ~ 220km/h.

    13 Vehicle CAN bus 

    Support the J1939 protocol, collect data through the original vehicle CAN bus to realize driving behavior analysis and vehicle working condition detection.

    14 Network cloud guardian

    Support remote fault diagnosis and debugging, remote automatic program maintenance, remote parameter configuration, terminal operation statistics and other remote "cloud" Guardian functions. Improve equipment installation and maintenance efficiency, save maintenance time and cost.

    15 Voice installation Assistant

    It can automatically detect the external signal line, external equipment and  parameters setting, and interactive installation detection prompt by voice can be adopted to help the installation personnel to carry out self-inspection of installation,and ensure the correct installation of equipment.

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